Friday, 6 March 2009

Naruto manga 439 Raw Spoiler

These are collated Predictions, Theories and Spoilers of Naruto Manga Chapter 439. I will release the confirmed scanned pics and Spoilers for Naruto Chapter 439 by Wednesday, March 11 (Japan Time).

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by: Zeth3047

I am so much relieved! I cant tell you how happy I am that Hinata is still alive! These are my thoughts for this coming chapter:

1. The last time that Naruto was in 4-tail kyuubi, he was so very destructive. His chakra was so intense and powerful enough that it actually destroyed everything around him! My point is, HE IS NOW A 6-TAIL KYUUBI what if:
  • The kyuubi's chakra is also destroying Naruto's body! It is tearing him apart! If this continues, the 6-tail chakra is enough to cause so much damage to Naruto himself - this power can even kill Naruto himself (but on the contrary, the kyuubi wont allow Naruto, his host body, to die.
2. Why is it that the 6-Tail Kyuubi got bones all over him? Is that the effect from sage mode or from itachi jutsu?

3. Where is Yamato anyway? Is he far from the Konoha attack? All three: Anko, Sai and Yamato doesn't have Katsuyu. And they don't seem injured at all like the rest of the characters, they maybe have recive some mission from godaime / tsunade in order to find kabuto, capture him and get information. IT MAY TAKE A WHILE FOR YAMATO TO REACH THE 6-TAIL KYUUBI!

4. The 6-tail kyuubi destroyed the necklace that Tsunade gave Naruto! If you remember, the crystal necklace is from Shodai Hokage. It only responds to Shodai's chakra. Take note the Shodai was able to control the kyuubi then.

5. Now the god realm are close enough with the real pain, he finally will use his secret jutsu.
Chibaku Tensei must be use lots of chakra.

6. Naruto now in 6 tails form, if yamato does't help naruto maybe naruto will continue his transform into 9 tails.

7. this is my prediction :
  • Konoha was save from being destroy by god realm and the 6 tails, why? Because god realm has to retreat in order to close enough with the real pain ( nagato ) so god realm can use "Chibaku Tensei". They getting further from the village, will naruto survive from god realm secret jutsu?
  • Hinata being saved because the 2 monster getting further from the village, so sakura can treat her wound
  • Yamato can't close enough with naruto if Naruto still fight with god realm, Yamato are no match with the 2 monster

At present, the crystal necklace is the only means by which Yamato can control the Kyuubi. Naruto wearing the necklace makes it an easy task for Yamato to take control.

The Question is, now that the crystal necklace is destroyed:
  • Will Yamato be able to control Naruto/6-Tail Kyuubi?
  • Will Yamato's jutsu even have an effect on the kyuubi?
  • Will Yamato help naruto in time, and get close enough with Naruto to use his jutsu and surpress kyuubi chakra?


Status: Prediction

1. Sasuke shows up and for some reason or another saves Naruto. - less likely.

2. Hachibi(the eight tails) shows up and saves Naruto from Pein, in his weakened state the eight tails could easily make Pein retreat or kill him. - More likely.

3. Yamato/Anko/Sai all together rescue Naruto. -possibility.

4. And finally the only other possibility I can think of to be honest is Kushina(NAruto's mother) appear to save the day. -Unlikely, if she were alive it would be unlikely that she would be standing by while all this stuff has been happening to her son.